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There are many things in life that will catch your eye. But only a few will catch your heart....

1 October
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"Creative,romantic - pragmatic,yes,I am! I hate lies, I love chocolate, I hate jealousy, I love music, I hate Gaga, I love JOHN MAYER, I hate waking up in the morning when it rains and I have to go out(((, I love drinkin' tea and daydream next to the window, I really love John Mayer))) I love my mom, even when she says that I'd better wear that shoes instead)), I love my bro, even when he looks at me with kinda "I'm gonna kill ya" eyes,I love my dad, cuz he's always very very kind to me. xoxoxo. I love my life, I hate all of you, who ever felt the same in the heart but smiled at my face!" ...:)
OMG! It's such a fun to read this years later) I could've erased this note, this lines describing me , my SELF.. I've just decided to keep it instead, as an innocent piece of my past) Now,after a really long while I'm here- grown up , with lots of experience acquired through the years and I'm going to share my thoughts that might be worth reading....
I am here -it's me, and I still go mad about chocolate,can't live without music, ice-cream and Ivan Dorn's beautiful voice!:)